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B29 - Flight to Oshkosh

B29 - Flight to Oshkosh: Behind the Scenes

September 4, 2011 - David Oliver, 29, takes us behind the scenes as he and other crew members fly the world's only airworthy B-29, "FIFI," to Oshkosh for AirVenture 2011. Take a quick tour of the plane, learn how it flies, and watch four P-51s escort the bomber to OSH. 

Link courtesy of ian "Thommo" Thompson


Crosswind Difficulties - Winter 2013/14

Crosswind Difficulties - Winter 2013/14

Some landing and take-off highlights in awkward wind conditions at Birmingham this winter (a record winter for stormy conditions in the UK). Note the frequent flexing of the planes' wings in response to the turbulence.

Link courtesy of Alan Foley

75 year old Messerschmitt BF109 E4 flys again

75 year old Messerschmitt BF109 E4 flys again

The only surviving Messerschmitt BF109E-4 still flying. It was shot down and belly landed in a field during the Battle of Britain in 1940. It is currently with the Russel Aviation Group, Ontario Canada. 

Link courtesy of Ian "Thommo" Thompson 

20ft. B-25 - Maiden

20ft. B-25 Maiden

Maiden flight of a 20 foot B-25 "Apache Princess" with 2 X 400cc Moki engines.

Model Data

Scale: 1/3.3
Wingspan: 6m / 20ft.
Length: 4,87m / 16ft.
Weight: 148,2kg / 326pound
Motor: 2x 400cc Moki 5 Cyl. Radial
Propeller: Fuchs 35x13 Carbon (scale props under construction)
Suspension: DIY with CAD drawn and built by Mehmet Ergolu.
Gears: Self Made drawn with CAD and built by Mehmet Ergolu.

Link courtesy of Bill Reynolds

Two Minutes of Aviation Majesty

Two Minutes of Aviation Majesty

For WW II aviation buffs, this is something to see. Filmed in England July on 12-13 2014 at The Imperial War Museum in Cambridgeshire. This 2:30 minute video is well worth watching.


Thanks to Ian "Thommo" Thompson for the link

The Besler Steam Plane

The Besler Steam Plane

A Travel Air 2000 biplane made the world's first piloted flight under steam power over Oakland, California, on 12 April 1933. The strangest feature of the flight was its relative silence; spectators on the ground could hear the pilot when he called to them from mid-air. The aircraft, piloted by William Besler, had been fitted with a two-cylinder, 150 hp reciprocating engine. 

Link courtesy of Ian "Thommo" Thompson 

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