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Important reminder: If you have not paid your membership you CANNOT fly as you are uninsured.


Westernport Drifters

Westernport Drifters @ P&DARCS

On the 23-26th of November the campervan club Westernport Drifters stayed with us at the club & also joined us for our Fwi-Fly on the 25th. A great time was had by them & our P&DARCS members.

This video was taken by Andrew Mysliborski who did a flyover with a Quad Copter. Thanks Andrew for the great footage


Moving The Shed 1979

Moving The Shed in 1979

 This is a great clip of a large number of our Club Members moving & erectiung what is the current Tractor Shed. This clip was filmed by Frank Dibble in 1979 & is reproduced here with his permission. It's a great clip that documents the origins of our club. It's VERY hard to work out from the clip where this all takes place. The club look quite different now, in no small part thanks to the likes of the people in this clip. (see if you can work out who they are!)


This was originally on 8mm. It is very rare that the image of a single frame of 8mm film is viewable on its own as it is on 9.5 and 16 mm. Getting old film onto DVD is much more frustrating than building a model aircraft where the kit seems to have no connection with instructions....

One of the many challenges in copying from film is the realisation that the lenses on home projectors in the good old days were about toyshop quality...

So the quality of "moving the shed" is so bad in places one has to view it as modern art. Still, I like to think that the music is fairly appropriate and sufficiently distracting.

quoting Frank Dibble in an email sent to the Webmaster

Magpie Attack

Magpie Attack


If you look out of the club to slightly to the left in the paddock is a few trees. A magpie has decided to make a nest there. Andrew Mysliborski discovered when he flew his foam eagle over in that direction that this annoyed the magpie. Ever the ingenious person, Andrew mounted a couple of cameras on his foamy & filmed the magpie attaching. Have a look at this gallery, it's fantastic. To view the entire gallery click on photos




You can also view the video on Andrew's YouTube Channel.

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