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P&DARCS flying field closed due to COVID-19 restrictions

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Recent Activity Feb-Mar 2017

Recent Activities around P&DARCS

Oh the 5th March we had the VPA All Stars at P&DARCS

Please click on an image to view more photo's

We also had a visit from some Bikies

And some Campervans


  • All photos courtesy of Andrew Mysliborski

Alan Foley's Bird

Alan Foley's Bird

Recently Ern Hancock gave Alan an upgrade for his SK Lazy Hawk bird, namely an eagle makeover.

Video & pictures courtesy for Andrew Mysliborski. Click on an image to see full gallery & video.


Spektrum AR6250 RX



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Upcoming Events

18 Apr (Sat) - 19 Apr (Sun) VMAA Trophy (CANCELLED)
23 Apr (Thu) - 26 Apr (Sun) Western Port Drifters (CANCELLED)
23 Apr (Thu) 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm Committee Meeting
25 Apr (Sat) Twi-Fly (CANCELLED)
25 Apr (Sat) 11:00 am - 11:30 am Anzac Day Ceremony (CANCELLED) Field Open: No