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Due to a recent power outage, one webcam has failed to come back online.

Because of Stage 4 restrictions, there is no ETA on when this will be resolved.

It's Still Wet

It's Still Wet

Andrew M did a fly over the club a few days ago (around June 30) & got a great video of the area. As you can see, lot's of water still out there.



Link courtesy of Andrew Mysliborski


The Rains Feb 2020

The Rains are here 14th Feb 2020

Great picture of the rains about to his the club on Feb 14th taken by Peter Hill (thanks Peter). We got 66mm for rain shortly after that & absolutely no flooding at the field.

Picture of storm clouds

Recent Activity Feb-Mar 2017

Recent Activities around P&DARCS

Oh the 5th March we had the VPA All Stars at P&DARCS

Please click on an image to view more photo's

We also had a visit from some Bikies

And some Campervans


  • All photos courtesy of Andrew Mysliborski

Alan Foley's Bird

Alan Foley's Bird

Recently Ern Hancock gave Alan an upgrade for his SK Lazy Hawk bird, namely an eagle makeover.

Video & pictures courtesy for Andrew Mysliborski. Click on an image to see full gallery & video.


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22 Oct (Thu) 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm Committee Meeting
07 Nov (Sat) 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm Club Meeting
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