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Fake Spektrum Recievers


NEWS: Fake Spektrum receivers on the market?


Dated: 23 May 2010

As if Spektrum didn't have enough problems with reports of "issues" plaguing some DSM-2 users at very popular events such as SEFF and Joe Nall, now it appears that the inevitable has happened...

Reports are surfacing from multiple sources that unauthorised (ie: counterfeit) copies of several popular Spektrum DSM2 receivers have started to trickle onto the market.

To the average RC user, the fact that these are not "genuine" Spektrum products may not be immediately obvious and sometimes the only way to tell is by close inspection of the circuit boards which, by some reports, show sub-standard soldering and components. Of course the other way to tell is by the prices being charged. The fake receivers tend to be significantly cheaper than the genuine product.

While most of these fake product do seem to work, anecdotal reports seem to indicate that many are short on range and there may be issues with reliability.

China's leading online RC retailer, Hobby King, has apparently been approached by a number of small vendors seeking to unload these unauthorized copies of Spektrum's products.

Anthony Hand from HK says "For the past 3 months, has been getting samples of these RX's from various suppliers and factories in Indonesia, Thailand and China."

Others have reported what suspect to be "copies" being sold on eBay, although there's no conclusive evidence that the low prices associated with these units aren't simply down to dealers wishing to clear old (and soon to be outdated) stock lines.

There can be little doubt that, should any major Chinese vendor start to sell these unauthorised copies in any volume, Horizon Hobby's lawyers will move swiftly to try and shut them down.

However, as we know from experience in other fields (such as pirate DVDs and CDs), where there's a demand and a supply, it's almost impossible to kill a trade in counterfeit products.

Permission to reproduce this article has been obtained from RC Model Reviews. 

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