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Please note: Spring Clean Working Bee has been moved to the 10th November.

I was thinking about why there seems to be a lot of unexplained radio failures of lately, when we have gone to the extremes of changing to 2.4 GHz radios.

Then I overheard a conversation that brought an important realization to light !!!


Flight pack batteries for our beloved RC models

Right, Hear go’s,
We have taken the plunge and gone out and purchased a nice shiny new Brand X 2.4 ghz radio system with all the bells and whistles, ½ we will never use !, We have taken all precautions to fit our receiver and servo’s etc to the best of our knowledge, and of course the ever important 5 cell 6v 2000mha RX pack……..

Why 6v you ask, Because with your nice new power hungry digital servo’s on board the good old 4.8 volt 700 mha pack just wont cut it..!!
So we strap the wonderful 6v pack into place and charged it up over night with the trusty wall charger that came with the new radio, and we are ready to go flying right?.


Your wall type charger that came with your RC gear is only designed to charge a 4.8v pack, and depending on the MHA rating on your pack, this could take more than over night to charge fully !!

But wait !! you now have the 6v 2000 mha plus pack installed into your flying beauty!! This means your trusty wall charger is NEVER going to charge your 6v pack no matter how long you charge it for…so when you blast your model into the wild blue yonder you can bet your 6v flight pack is about half charged if your lucky !!

To charge a good quality 6v flight pack you really need a good quality charger that is going to PEAK charge your flight pack. EG the swallow AC-DC charger will do nicely,  Now some of you will already know all this, BUT to the pilots that don’t.


I hope this is of some benefit and maybe save some of your new treasures……

Cheers: Ivan Hancock.

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