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Don't tell anyone, but we have a new webcam pointing at the east runway. All webcams to be upgraded soon.
We will also get a new west runway cam.


Flight Time Booking - How It Works


In order to be as fair as possible, we've created a booking system to allow members to book a flying slot.

The rules are similar to those we operated on previously and are as follows:

  • 2 slots a day have been created, morning and afternoon. To be fair to others waiting to fly, members must arrive, fly and depart within that window
  • Up to 10 members at a time can book into each slot. Members must only book one slot a day to allow others the opportunity to also fly.
  • Members who fly at any session may stay on to fly at the next session provided there is space available (within the limit of 10). However, if further members arrive beyond 10 then those members who flew at the earlier session should leave to make space for new arrivals. (on a first in, first out principle).
  • Members are only permitted to book once on the weekend.  Weekly limit has been removed
  • the rest of the processes/requirements we put in place remain the same. 

The way it works.

Members must read and comply the Terms & Conditions for flying during this current phase we're in.

Each night at 8PM the system is coded to release new timeslots. Those slots will be for 2 days time. That is, if it's the 15th today, at 8PM slots for the 17th will become available. This will operate on a first come first serve basis. If a slot is available & you book it, it's yours. This is done automatically by the tool, no-one is approving who gets slots.


So, if members wish to fly they can look at 8PM and book an available slot for the upcoming 2 days.

Process for Booking

  1. Using the buttons above, click on the button View & Make Bookings
  2. You will then see a calendar of events. Click on the slot you'd like to book. Note: Remember you'll only see slots for the next 2 days. See example.
    1. Check to see if there is an available slot.  View an example image
    2. Look and see who else has booked
    3. Make your booking by clicking on Book This Event
  3. Complete your details and then click Book. View an example image

That's it, if a slot was available, it's yours. You can check by revising the booking on step B and see if your name is on the list. You should also receive a confirmation email, but this does not necessary happen instantly.

You are now free to go flying at the nominated time.

Remember to stay safe, practice social distancing & wash your hands regularly.