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Monty Rules And Entry Details

 2013 Monty Event


 Enter for your chance to win one of these fantastic prizes!!! 




  1. The aircraft must be a replica of a full size aircraft. 3 views are not required, unless the aircraft is of an unknown origin.
  2. Minimum flights required to be eligible for trophies is 3
  3. All pilots must have a caller/helper, this is mandatory for safety reasons.
  4. Aircraft will be judged on realism in takeoff, flying and landing
  5. Holding bays will be used. When one aircraft lands, another will be permitted to take off, max aircraft in the air at any time will be 6.
  6. No fix wing hovering permitted anywhere.  Aircraft must be flown in the normal flight pattern



Pre-entry is encouraged, but send no money. Please pay on the day.
Briefing will start at 10.00 am, then flying can commence.
Entry cost is $10.00 for the first two aircraft, $10.00 per model after that.


Entry forms can be downloaded from our website

Monty Tyrrell 2010

Once again, P&DARCS would like to invite all scale modelers to the 2010 Monty Tyrrell scale rally to be held on March 21st 2010.


The categories that will be contested are as follows

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd  for aircraft in the scratch built categories, that is aircraft that have been built from plans, or from a kit, this will be scrutinized by the judges!
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd   for aircraft in the ARF category, that is aircraft in the almost ready to fly range.
  • S/C Models will once again sponsor the best electric model on the day!!!

Trophies will be awarded, for all the above categories, and all pilots will receive an entry into the raffle. On top of that, we will also have a raffle for 12 bottles of wine, 6 for helpers, and 6 for the pilots!!!

The overall trophy will be awarded by the judges  to the pilot that promotes the true spirit of sportsmanship and clubmanship, in the building and flying of radio control scale aircraft.


General rules and details on entry can be found in the Monty Tyrrell section of our website

 We will also have a boot sale on the day, so ensure you book early.

Club Meeting on short final


Come along for our

club meeting

this Wednesday

at 8:00 PM

at the Club House!!

Happy Easter 2010

To all members

May you have a safe and enjoyable Easter Holiday


Next club meeting date changed

The general club meeting for the 4th April has been changed to the 7th April due to the Easter Holidays. See the Events Calendar for further information

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