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Shed Finished

It's Finished


You're not going to believe it (I don't) but all the the New Shed building works is finished. This last weekend, Paul Somerville, Frank McPherson & myself finished off both the mechanical & electronic security on the shed. Paul has been putting in a number of weekend work doing the mechanical security & we finished the electronic off this last weekend. A big thank you to those involved. We will begin moving into the new shed in the next few weeks.

Model Engines Day 2015

Model Engines Day 2015

Below are some shots from the 2015 Model Engines Day. To view more, click on an image. Thanks to Alan Foley for the pictures.

Safety Starting Stand

Wally's New Project

He's going to need a really big engine to get this one to fly!



 But seriously, pictured is Chief Carpenter Wally with our prototype safety starting stand. Thanks to Wally, Alan Coleman, Fred Webb & Peter Harrison for getting this unit completed

Electric Alive

It's Alive

As most of you know, the shed has been in the process of being wired. Well, that's now over. The shed is alive. A huge thanks to Peter Harris who has put in enormous effort to get this done. Remember to thank him next time you see him. All this work he's done for free, saving the club HUGE money.

Monty Tyrell 2015

Monty Tyrell 2015


Click on images to see full gallery.

Mark Collin's flying his Messerschmitt 323 at the 2015 Monty Tyrell

Video Recorded by Andrew Mysliborski


Cockpits through the ages

Cockpits through the ages.


Alan Foley sent me an email showing cockpits through the ages. I thought it was great so I've placed it here on the website.

Read more ...

New feature for website

New feature for website

I thought I'd trial a new feature for the club website. A simple newsflash module that we can place little updates on wheat's happening around the club. My idea is just to post small news items here to keep members updated on whats going on. Our main news will still of course be via our monthly newsletters. I just thought I'd trail this to see if our members like it. This module can been seen on the left side of the page, just under Upcoming Events


So if you have a small piece of news, send it to me & I'll post it here.



Daniel Jenkins

P&DARCS Webmaster

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