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Good Luck

Good Luck

Two of our P&DARCS members, Dave Law & Noel Whitehead along with Noel Finlay from Ballarat will be leaving soon for the World Scale Championship in Romania. These three gentlemen came 3rd last year. Here's hoping they can make number 1 this year.



This photo was taken on Friday 29th July. This was Dave Law's last flight prior to packing the model. It's next flights will be in Romania.

Barry May

Barry May

On the 23 May a past president of P&DARCS, Barry May passed away. Barry was an active P&DARCS member and did a huge amount of the ground drainage works at the field. He will be missed.Dove of Peace


P&DARCS Historic Photo's

P&DARCS Historic Photo's

In honour of our 50th year, we’re looking at compiling a picture book of P&DARCS or D&DARCS through the ages. If you have historical photo’s of P&DARCS then we would like to get them from you. What we are aiming to do is put together a historic photo book which the members can then purchase.

What we require is the picture, explanation of what the photo is & who is in it.

If you have lots of photos or any question please contact Norm Morrish to discuss prior to sending them.


Creative Contact Form: There is nothing to show!

Cup Day Aero Tow 2015

Cup Day Aero Tow Event

On the 5th we held the Cup Day Aero Tow event organised by Roly Gaumann.


Thanks to Darryl Cope for the images. Click on images to see more from the Gallery.



Coop Retirement

Retirement from the DARCSFIELD Coop

Recently both Mel Norton & Frank Connely have resigned from the DARCSFIELD Coop. With 35 & 25 years service respectively these individuals have contributed a huge amount to P&DARCS & the coop & the club would not be what it is today without their contribution.

Here are some details on their contributions

Mel & Bev Norton Frank Connelly

Shed Finished

It's Finished


You're not going to believe it (I don't) but all the the New Shed building works is finished. This last weekend, Paul Somerville, Frank McPherson & myself finished off both the mechanical & electronic security on the shed. Paul has been putting in a number of weekend work doing the mechanical security & we finished the electronic off this last weekend. A big thank you to those involved. We will begin moving into the new shed in the next few weeks.

Model Engines Day 2015

Model Engines Day 2015

Below are some shots from the 2015 Model Engines Day. To view more, click on an image. Thanks to Alan Foley for the pictures.

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