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Don't tell anyone, but we have a new webcam pointing at the east runway. All webcams to be upgraded soon.
We will also get a new west runway cam.


Club PC Replacement

A new PC has now been purchased & installed. Webcams & weather station are back online.



23/10 - Order placed for PC - ETA 2 weeks.

13/11 - PC received from supplier & will now be configured. Aim is to install at club on the 18/11 & return to normal operations. Once that is done will investigate Webcam issue prior to PC crashing.

18/11 - New computer installed & webcams & weather station back online.

19/11 - There was an issue with one of the webcams, the Bay 13 Cam. This has now decided to start working again. This will need to be investigated further & may go offline again.


Daniel, P&DARCS Webmaster