Lock & Unlock Procedure

P&DARCS now uses two combination codes for the members to gain access to the gate & club room.
The codes have been sent to all members.


To request the codes be sent again, use this link.


First to arrive

If you are the first person to arrive, you will need to unlock the gate.
Enter the gate code into the padlock to open it & unchain the gate. YOU MUST close and scramble (set to 0000) the code on the padlock to prevent unauthorised people seeing the code. Image below shows where you need to set the code, it's not in the centre as you might think.


If you wish to enter the club room, follow these steps:

  • Place palm over touch pad area to activate. (See image below)
  • enter the club entry code on the front door keypad (including * on end) then rotate knob to open door.
  • Once inside you can snib the door open by pushing the latch all the way in.
  • Please note, if you see a low battery symbol on the door lock, please ensure you let a Committee member know so batteries can be changed.

Last to Leave

As the last to leave it is your responsibility to ensure the club secure. These are the items to check

  • Have a quick look to see shed doors are closed. You’ll need to contact a committee member if they’ve been left open.
  • Turn off the power by pressing the red button on the control box inside the club room next to the back door.
  • Make sure back door is locked, turn handle on back if lock is snibbed open.
  • Make sure front door is locked, press grey button on bottom of lock if it’s snibbed open.
  • At the gate, wrap chain around gate and open padlock using the code, then chain up. Once chained scramble the lock (set to 0000) to re-secure.


Please remember: With the padlock always scramble it back to 0000 so no un-authorised people can see the code.