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  • Anzac Day 2018

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I have just.returned from the field and the waters are across.Ballarto Road. Fortunately I doesn't appear to be as deep as last time but still it's.deep enough to cause us grief. I can't see it receding for a few days so it will be a while before we can assess the damage.

I would also like to take this opportunity to praise the efforts of our field manager Norm Morrish, tennant farmer Bruce and our Drainage contractor Glenn. They all worked for almost 4 hours in freezing knee deep water to move our machinery to high ground and hopefully safety. A commendable and brave effort in rising flood waters . On behalf of the club I thank you all for a fantastic effort.

I will be back in touch when we can gain access to the field. In the meantime please stay away from the area as I don't think that the local community need tourists as there is a lot of flooding around the area and a lot of roads are closed

David Walsh


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