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VSFAA Sports Scale 2013

VSFAA Sports Scale 2013


Some photos from the VSFAA Sports Scale Event, courtesy of Darryl Cope. Click on pics for more.


Cup Day Aero Tow

Cup Day Aero Tow Event

On the 5th we held the first Cup Day Aero Tow event. This was a great success thanks to the event organiser Roly Gaumann.


We had a number of gliders on the day & the weather could not have been better.

Thanks to Darryl Cope for the images. Click on images to see more from the Gallery.



Shepparton Mammoth Scale 2013

Shepparton Mammoth Scale 2013

Wal has provided some photos from the 2013 Shepparton Rally. The full gallery can be viewed here.

There's also a great YouTube clip that's worth having a look at from Shepparton.

This is a clip of Mike Farnan test flying a new Phoenix model, the Tucano AFT Kit. Mike is testing the kit's AFT to NFA (Never Fly Again) capabilities. I think it's great that these guys put so much effort into testing these models before they go on sale!!. To see this testing in action click here.

Twi-Fly 31 Aug 2013

Some Pics by Paul Somerville from Aug 31st Twi-Fly


New Site Migration

New WebsiteAs you can see the website has been migrated to a new format. We have had a lot of problems with attacks on the website over the past few months & the best way to fix this is to upgrade the entire website infrastructure.


To move information from the old site to this new one is no small task. Here's some stats for you.


  • 38 Photo Galleries
  • 1,236 Photos
  • 55 Weblinks
  • 54 Newsletters
  • Videos (still couning)
  • 302 News & Web Articles

Please note: The Latest News module on the left will show the latest articles based on the date created. At present I'm re-creating old articles, so this module will not be accurate as I'm constantly adding content.


P&DARCS Webmaster

Migration Status

P&DARCS Website Migration Status


The migration of the data from the old P&DARCS website to this new one will take a bit of time. Below is a list of items & where there's at.

If you discover a broken link somewhere on the website, or some other error, please send a message to the Webmaster using the button below.

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Flood Update (6) 9-7-12

Thanks to a huge effort by a number of committee members and club members the field is once again fit for flying.          


The Main and Eastern runways, plus pits are mowed and are very soft but usable. The clubhouse can be used, but please stay off rolled up carpet, except for turning power on. Also be careful in kitchen, it is in use as a storeroom.       


Thank you to all those who have helped out your assistance was greatly appreciated. One thing that stood out with the volunteers was that it was only the “Old Guys” of the club that put up their hands to help. Come on younger and fitter members come along and help out next time. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow club members. Volunteers are what we need to keep club fees at a reasonable level. We can’t really afford to get everything done by contractors.   


One last item though do we have a carpet layer in the club that could lay the underlay and refit the carpet in the clubhouse ? Otherwise we will engage a contractor to do the job.