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Fun Fly Round 2 - 30th August 2014

Fun Fly Round 2 - 30th August 2014 (changed from June due to weather)

Fixed Wing

1. Touch and go. The touch down area is the lengh of the pilot barrier marked by white lines across the runway. The task is to take off, get settled and call ready. You then do circuits with a touch and go each pass. No free passes are allowed. Miss the marked touch down area and you are out! Maximum of 10 touch and go's. This is not a timed event.

2. Climb and glide. You take off and climb to an altitude which you believe you can glide for 2 minutes with the motor off or at low idle. To make it easier for you I will call the 1 minute and then the 30seconds to go mark. Each second under or over 2min counts against you, however, not all is lost because a spot landing in front the pilot barrier will give you 5 second bonus. Earn 5 penalty points for moving the throttle within the 2 minutes!

If you are not happy with your score, you can have up to another 2 goes, but the last score will count. In other words if the second or third go is worse than your first, BAD LUCK!

3: Balloon Burst. This event is actually a taxiing challenge as well as the always popular balloon burst. You commence the event by taxiing through a 2 metre gate about 20m downwind of the pilot barrier. Clear it and you get a point. Then take off. Three balloons are afixed to bamboo tripods at various spots on the runway in front of the pilot barrier. You get six passes to burst them. Burst a balloon and you earn 5 points. Burst balloons, knocked down or escaped balloons will not be replaced. Land after 3 bursts or six passes and taxi through a 2 metre gate aboout 20 metres upwind and earn another point. Max points for this event is 17. Please note that this event is assuming light to moderate winds. Strong  winds may cause the cancellation of this event.


Please come down to the field to have some fun.
Remember to bring some snags & stay on for the BBQ and night fly.
I have had emails from club members with ideas for fun fly events. Thanks for that and keep'em coming. The climb and glide was suggested by El President Bill Reynolds.

Your Fun-fly ringmaster Roly


Helicopter / Tri-Quad Copter

Timed Circle event
Models will be timed while flying around a triangular course (left or right hand, pilot’s choice), including landing and taking off at each of two Landing Circles. If desired, pilots may move with/follow the model around the course at NINE metres minimum distance.

Each of the three Landing Circles will be two metres in diameter and positioned 25 metres apart. The object of this event is to achieve a target flight time that is closest to 180 seconds (three minutes). One second equals one point. One point will be deducted for each second under or over the target time. The pilot’s mental capability shall be the sole means of timing, meaning no external assistance of any kind. We will be checking… !

Timing starts when the model first lifts off from within the Start & Finish Landing Circle, and stops when the helicopter first touches down within the Start & Finish Landing Circle after completing the required course. Thirty points will be deducted if any landing gear is not entirely within each of the three landing circles at touchdown. At each of the two distant Landing Circles, models must land and remain stationary for between a minimum of five seconds and a maximum of ten seconds. Thirty points will be added/deducted at each of the two distant circles where the model is not stationary for the required time. Thirty points will be added/deducted for every landing/touch between the circles.
Landing in one meter circle
Take off from 1 metre circle, hover briefly at eye height, then land within 1 meter circle.
Landings must be in the 1 meter circle(Skids within the circle, on the line will not count) for 5-10 seconds.
Repeat as many times as possible within 3 minute time frame.
Ten points for every successful landing in the 1 meter circle.
5 Points ducted for every landing outside the circle.

Antonov AN-2 Joyflights

Antonov AN-2 Joyflights

As announced at the last general meeting club members have the unique opportunity to fly in a genuine Russian airliner, the Antonov AN 2. Not only operates this gigantic, single engine biplane out of Lilydale, but the joyflight actually will be Lilydale - P&DARCS Field - Lilydale. Estimated to take a bit over an hour the scenic flight will transverse the Dandenong Ranges and culminate in a sweeping turn over our model field.

But wait, there is more....the Lilydale model aero club has invited P&DARCS members to visit and fly at their field before or after the joyflight.  

The AN 2 is licensed to carry 9 Passengers. As at the last weekend I have already 1 flight fully booked.

Please put your name on the list in the club house notice board, or contact me or any committee member direct.

The cost for the flight is estimated to be $100.

Check the website for more interesting facts about the aircraft and crew. And compare the prices for the flights and marvel at the incredible bargain on offer for us.

See you on board, comrades.   Roly Gaumann


Twi Fly April 26th 2014

Twi Fly April 26th 2014


A few shots for the Twi-Fly on Saturday.


Click on image for larger version.

Model Engines Fun Fly 2014

Model Engines Fun Fly 2014

On the 6th April we had held the Annual Model Engines day. Despite the high winds we had a great day with over 100 aircraft at the field. We were also spoilt with great food provided by Cardinia Primary School's Mother group.

This year the rules for entry were changed to allow Phoenix or Seagull Models, anything with an OS engine or motor, or anyone using Hitec or Multiplex radios. So this opened up the criteria a fair bit.

This year all prizes were done via lucky tip. When you flew your name went into a box. This year we had a total of 5 prizes & Model Engines also donated 2 items to be auctioned off with proceeds going to P&DARCS.

This years lucky tip winners were:

  • Pascal Bouchet
  • Hugh Coleman
  • Mike Green
  • David Law
  • Richard Stolinski

As always thank you to Model Engines who sponsor this day & provide all the great prizes

Photo's courtesy of Darryl Cope and Andrew Mysliborski.Click on an image to see full gallery.


Monty Tyrell 2014

Monty Tyrell 2014

This year we had ran the Monty over a two day period. We had a great turn out for the Saturday & also for the Monty on the Sunday. Despite the weather being a bit ordinary, fun was had by all.

This year we had 4 judges who could award a trophy & prize based on a criteria of their own choosing.

 The 4 winners were:

  • Brian Evans with his Fokker Triplane
  • David Balfor with a Boeing 40S 1928
  • Gary Sunderland and his BE2c
  • Scott Mathews and his de Havilland DH.4

This year the Monty Tyrell trophy was awarded to the whole team from Model Engines. This was in recognition of all the years of support they have provided to P&DARCS for events like this.

A thank you also to Fred Barabasz from Hallum Hobbies & Michael Lui from Dragon RC, who along with Model Engines provided great prizes for this event.

Finally a huge thank you to Roly Gaumann who put a great deal of effort into organising this year Monty Tyrell.

Photo's courtesy of Darryl Cope and Andrew Mysliborski.Click on an image to see full gallery.


VSFAA Sports Scale 2013

VSFAA Sports Scale 2013


Some photos from the VSFAA Sports Scale Event, courtesy of Darryl Cope. Click on pics for more.


Cup Day Aero Tow

Cup Day Aero Tow Event

On the 5th we held the first Cup Day Aero Tow event. This was a great success thanks to the event organiser Roly Gaumann.


We had a number of gliders on the day & the weather could not have been better.

Thanks to Darryl Cope for the images. Click on images to see more from the Gallery.



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