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Working Bee

Spring Clean & Working Bee

On the 28th October we had a Spring Clean & Working Bee at P&DARCS. We had a great turnout and a lot of items were ticked off the to do list, so a huge thank you to those who turned up to help.

Some of the big jobs we ticked off were:

  • Spring cleaning the clubhouse & toilets
  • Sweeping out of sheds
  • Pressure washing down paths around club
  • Raising sprinkler heads on runways
  • filling in holes on east runway extension area
  • Filling in potholes in driveway
  • Begin construction of fuel storage shed
  • Filling in old spoon strains alongside driveway to improve mowing conditions
  • lots of whipper snipper work
  • + lots of other smaller jobs

As you can see, we achieved a great deal, so thanks everyone for your help. It's only with a lot of effort that we keep P&DARCS looking as good as it does.

Please click on images to see more.

Monty Tyrrell 2017

Monty Tyrrell Scale Rally 2017 (Updated)

Here are some photo's from our Annual Monty Tyrrell Scale Rally which took place on the 2nd April

Winners were as follows:

  • 1st Place - Noel Findlay
  • 2nd Place - Gregg Lepp
  • 3rd Place - Ashley Morrow
  • Best Electric - David Chivers

 Congratulations to the winners.


14/4 - There's now a lot More images, thanks to Glenn Duvalois, Keith Quigg & Frank Mcpherson

Please click on an image to view more photos.

  • Photos courtesy of new club member Glenn Duvalois Keith Quigg & Frank Mcpherson


VMAA Trophy 2017

VMAA Trophy 2017

Team P&DARCS Win for 2nd year in a row.


Congratulations to team P&DARCS who have just won the 2017 VMAA Trophy for the 2nd year in a row.

Last year the team won by 1 point, this year at the end of day one we had a 10 point lead, with some stuff competition on day two ended up winning by 3 points.

Update: Team & individual results can be viewed here.

The team consisted of Chris Caulcutt, Paul Webber, Cliff McIver, Paul Somerville, Roly Gaumann, Peter Timms, Mark Smith, Steve Malcman and team captain Peter Harris. We also had a ring in competitor Steve Gullock, who flew (and won) for us in the old timer event.

VMAA Trophy 2017


Picture taken on day two, some team members were not present. A big thank you also to P&DARCS members who drove up to NFG to support the team.


Here are most of the team (minus Roly).


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Facebook Live



Well it's official, we now have a P&DARCS Facebook group page.

This page has been setup to promote activities around P&DARCS & allow members to communicate via Facebook. Please visit the page and request to join the group, then you can post on the page.

We encourage members to get involved. Use the group to post activities around the club, ask for advise from your fellow modelers on how to do something, share some relevant information, advertise some RC items you have for sale etcetera.

Please keep posts relevant to our hobby & respect other members. Irrelevant or inappropriate posts will be removed.

Tyabb Visit 2017

Tyabb Visit 2017

Here are some photo's from our visit to Tyabb on January 15th


Please click on an image to view.

  • Photos by Andrew Mysliborski


Working Bee 2016

Working Bee 2016

Here are some photo's from the Spring Clean Working Bee on December 3rd

A huge thank you to those who showed up to help.

Please click on an image to view more photo's

  • Photos by Frank McPherson

You may also find these photos taken after the Working Bee by Andrew Mysliborski interesting.

P&DARCS Scratch / Kit Built Scale Rally

P&DARCS Scratch / Kit Built Scale Rally

Here are some photo's from our first P&DARCS Scratch / Kit Built Scale Rally, held November 5th & 6th

Please click on an image to view more photo's

  • Photos courtesy of Andrew Mysliborski & Frank McPherson

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