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RIP - Helen Law

RIP - Helen Law


It is with sadness that I have to report this afternoon 10th September Helen Law passed away. The Committee wish to express our condolences to Barry and his family.



Update from Club President - 7 August 2020

 Update from Club President - 7 August 2020


Hello Members.

With the new COVID19 Stage 4 regulations now in force you are reminded that there is absolutely no access to the flying site. We will just have to keep cooling our heals until the virus is defeated and the regulations are relaxed enough for us to get back to flying.


In the interim, the Committee and I hope you are keeping well and doing a bit of building. If you have been cutting some wood etc why not put together a small article and some pictures of your new project and send them to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as I know Frank is always looking for stuff to go in the Newsletter. To those that have not done some building, why not? It is a great way to occupy your time and get a sense of achievement.


Keep safe and well and let’s hope we can soon get back to flying.


Bill Reynolds

P&DARCS President

Covid  Lockdown - July 2020

To All Members


At 3.27 pm this afternoon-Tuesday July 8th 2020 our state Premier announced a return to stage 3 stay at home restrictions, from 11.59 pm Wednesday July 9th for approx 6 weeks.

As a consequence of this, we are required to CLOSE BURLEY FIELD to all flying and social activity until government give notice of any change.


I will let you know the moment we hear of new conditions.


Say Home ---stay safe.



Bill R


Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions

Update from P&DARCS Club President - Easing of COVID-19 Restrictions

To all Club Members

As at June 1st, due to Victorian Governments relaxation of rules there will be changes to the field booking system in that flying 'slots' have been changed to just two per day, morning and afternoon with the max number of pilots at each session increased to 20.

Please remember however that you must still book your place via the website, sign in on arrival and record leaving time.

This may sound a bit 'over the top' but it only takes a minute of your time and should any problems occur, we would be able to identify who was at the field on any particular day.

Please see Club Website for details of new rules.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation

Bill Reynolds

Update from Club President - Field Open

Update from Club President - Field Open 17th May

To all Club Members

After nearly two months we’re finally in a position to reopen the club.

In this first stage of easing of restrictions, the Victorian government has placed limits on groups of no more than 10 people congregating at once. To manage this & make sure we comply with government restrictions, the Committee has put together a procedure.

In order to be as fair as possible, we've created a booking system to allow members to book a flying slot.

  • 3 slots a day have been allocated which are 3 hours long. To be fair to others waiting to fly, members must arrive, fly and depart within the 3 hour window
  • Up to 10 members at a time can book into each slot. Members must only book one slot a day to allow others the opportunity to also fly.
  • Members are permitted to book 3 times a week maximum.

This will operate on a first come first serve basis. Members can visit the club website & look for an available slot, if it is free then they can book it & it’s confirmed automatically.


A logbook has also been created & when members are at the field they must sign in and sign out. The reason for this is, should we find out in a week that a member has contracted coronavirus, we will have a log of who else may have been in contact with & advise them they may need to get tested in a timely manner.  It’s purely for member safety.

The same applies to the procedure we’ve put in place, it’s purely there to protect you, our members & limit the potential for catching coronavirus.


This procedure & booking system is now live on the website. The field will undergo a cleaning this Saturday after the recent flooding. So, the field will reopen this Sunday 17th. Members will be able to book in from 8PM tonight. However, please note due to the recent flooding there the ground is still very wet. Only really appropriate to fly bush planes with large wheels & capable of short take off and landings. Grass is also long and too wet to mow, so take your wellies.

Please visit the club website & see the “How It Works” link for details on the procedure & how to book. The Committee will review this process periodically & modify it if needed.

We understand this limits the amount of time members can spend at the field, but in order to give everyone an opportunity to visit the field, this we hope is a fair process. Hopefully this is a short term solution & we can remove it in the near future.



President Bill R





Update from Club President

Update from P&DARCS Club President (12 May 2020)

To All Club Members

As you are all aware, the Government has eased some of the restrictions we have been enduring these past few weeks.

The new situation will allow us to fly at the field but we CANNOT use the Clubhouse for any food or drink preparation or consumption, in fact we may only enter for power switch or medical emergency.

As you will appreciate, the field is still very wet and in general, quite soggy. As soon as it dries sufficiently and becomes flyable, the Committee will notify you of the required procedure for attending.
In accordance with the new rulings, ALL persons, sporting, working, or whatever must sign in and sign out. An attendance register is being prepared and will be delivered on Friday.

It is doubtful if we may get to fly till sometime next week.

The Committee is preparing for our return and will be in touch in a few days-----sit tight,--it will be worth it.


President Bill R

Closure of P&DARCS due to COVID-19

Closure of P&DARCS due to COVID-19

To All Club Members,


The National Cabinet has issued Stage 2 level restrictions, effective as from 25th March. Under the heading 'Venue Must Close', the sub section which affects us is 'Social Sporting Activities'.--there are no exceptions listed. This evening the VMAA issued a directive that all clubs must close. The Club committee now have no option but to follow the Government & VMAA directives and to CLOSE Burley Field to all aeromodelling and social activities until further notice.


The only persons to be at the Field will those engaged in the management and maintenance of the property.


The Club Committee has a corporate obligation to our members for safe and efficient operation of the Club facilities. We must look after the wellbeing of our members, especially considering that a very high percentage of them are in the high risk age group. We trust you will all realise that this major decision is in your best interests and that you will stay at home—in the workshop—and produce that 'other model'--the one that is always on the future list.


Take care


Bill R

P&DARCS President


Please note: Since 31 March Victoria in now under stage 3 restrictions which currently will remain in place until 12 May. Please see the Victorian Government website for more details.

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