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Monty Trohpy 2012 Day

See the 2012 Monty Video by clicking here

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Our weather dance and payment to BOM worked out.

A fantastic day with over 50 pilots entering.

Great models and great flying.

It just does not get any better than this!

Member Notice

*********  MEMBER FEE INCREASE  *********** 
Now that we have your attention, Friday 9th March the Club house door was left wide open over night. Members are reminded yet again that the last person to leave MUST check to make sure that all areas are locked and that the power has been turned off. Failure to do so could result in the obvious need to repair / replace stolen or damaged items.
This is your Club, please look after what you pay for


Calculator for Helicopter head speed and more. Follow the link here or here

Information on the right electric motor for you plane can be found here and a calculator here

Find out what it takes to get your Gold Wings (fixed wing)

Find out what it takes to get your Gold Wings (fixed wing)

In December we move into the summer series for our club meetings. This means we will have our monthly club meeting at the field on the first weekend of the month on alternate Saturdays & Sundays

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O.S. Engines Annual Fly In. 27 November 2011 CANCELLED

OH NO!!!

The OS Engine’s Annual Fly in has been CANCELLED



The weather yet again has been unkind to us.


The field has sustained enough rain fall to make vehicle parking and aircraft take offs a challenge, so unfortunately the
event has been cancelled


Helicopter Autos

At the field you may have heard helicopter guys talking about “Autos”, and seen some of the guys practising them. Autorotation is what the full size machines do if they have an engine out or other mechanical failure, and it is a major part of the pilot’s licence. A critical skill to have when flying a helicopter with a glide ration of almost 1 to 1. You get one shot it at!!

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Upcoming Events


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21.10.18 (Sun)

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27.10.18 (Sat)

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